Almost every country has a construction industry. Bricklayers make up the core of the construction industry. They do the hard work in the construction sector. The construction industry cannot function without the presence of bricklayers. Most bricklayers are daily wagers. They work on a contractual basis. Their contracts last for several months. They are often hired for their skill and endurance. Their endurance is truly magnificent. Most Sydney bricklayers are able to work for many hours. The average shift if a bricklayer is three to five hours long. They may even work for multiple shifts. This makes them some of the most hardworking people around. They need exceptional strength to keep up their work. 

Mixing the cement: 

The different layers of bricks are picked on top of one another. This makes them very stable. The structure made using bricks stacked on top of each other is very stable. It is able to withstand a lot of pressure. This makes them very durable. Bricklayers are experts at laying down bricks. A team of bricklayers can erect a wall in a few hours. A single team of bricklayers usually have four to five workers in it. The size of the team might be increased in case of big projects. Most major projects increase the number of bricklayers. This helps to ensure that the project is completed on time. Each project has a fixed time limit to it. This limit is usually hard to adhere to. Most contractors fail to adhere to this time limit. It is estimated that one out of three construction contractors fails to complete the work within the required limit. This usually results in the contractor paying fines and penalties. 

Erecting walls: 

The main job of a bricklayer is to erect walls. They are also engaged in the building of houses and malls. A bricklayer needs protective equipment to help them work. They often need gloves to protect their hands from wear and tear. The wear and tear from their work can injure their hands. It can affect their skin negatively. This makes them very vulnerable to skin diseases. Many bricklayers have injured hands from overworking. This often happens because of the unsafe working conditions they are subjected to. Bricklayers should make efforts to ensure that their working conditions are safe. They should refuse to work unless they are provided with the required protection gear. 

Most bricklayers also wear protective masks. This is because their workplace is often full of dust. The dust mixes in the air and is inhaled as a result. This often causes respiratory diseases. This can be avoided by wearing a protective mask. Every bricklayer should have a mask with them. This helps ensure they do not inhale extra dust. Aerial dust is a major problem for bricklayers.