tree loppers

Tree loppers are the professionals that help your tree live a healthy and long life and look pleasant and beautiful. Some people confuse the tree loppers with the arborists, who are the individuals responsible for the removal of the trees and stump removals and these usually do not have the right knowledge to perform the lopping and pruning to encourage the growth of the trees and therefore, you should hire the right person for the respective jobs because tree loppers in geelong are trained and qualified with the knowledge to maintain and take care of the trees but the arborists are given the knowledge about various techniques to remove the tree.

The primary tasks of the tree loppers:

Usually the tree loppers work in a crew and make use of the chain saws to cut the branches and other parts of the tree such as the shrubs and dead limbs. These also utilize the sheers, clippers, hooks as well and sometimes if the trees are high enough then they use the power tools to gain access to these areas. They also asses the trees and see if there are some cavities which could be fixed and they apply relevant chemical to promote the healing of this. When the job is done, the tree loppers also clean up the residue, move and remove the debris and the dead branches and make the area clear. Depending on the designation and experience of the tree loppers, they also have to manage the crew as the manager, submit the job reports and estimates and give the tree advice to the customers. They also help the customers in choosing the right kind of the fertilizers and also advice on the water routine of the various trees as each tree water need is different from the other.

Challenges in the tree loppers job:

The tree lopping job could be difficult and dangerous, especially when the trees are high enough. Not only this but sometimes, the trees are overgrown this much that they reach the power lines which could be dangerous to then trim and lop. Also, the equipment and chemicals used by the tree loppers are dangerous and need to be used with extreme care. Even the most experienced and qualified tree lopper could get injured if not follow the proper guidelines and precautions and therefore, it is the duty of the crew manager to ensure that each member of the team follows the right safety precautions, is trained to use the equipment and is wearing the protective gear. It has been researched that 17 percent of the tree loppers died because of getting electrocuted during the job by the heavy-duty power machines or either working too close to the power lines. For more information visit our website: