Consisting of sharp cutting blades that rotate quickly this is a specialized tool to get rid of the unnecessary plantation and grass. These machines are known as the lawn mowers. They come in a number of varieties and shapes. They also differ in their functionality and performance. The main job is common and that is to get rid of the grass and plantations growing unnecessarily in the lawn. The popular types of the lawn mowers are as follows:

The Original Push Reel Mower is the most traditional and conventional type of the land mower. Invented back in 1837 this push land mower is a simple way to handle the lawn mowing in Rosebery. It consists of the gears that support the set of five or eight blades. These blades further push the stationary blade that is fixed at the back side of the reel mower. As the blades of grass come in between these two it is mowed and made uniform. It is manually operated and easy to control. The movement and operation continues until the user is pushing the mower. It stops operating as the man behind the machine stops pushing the mower. It is not a good option for the huge lawns.


The Walk Behind Power Lawn mower


There are two different versions of this kind of land mower, reel and rotary land mower. They are operated either by electricity or by the gas. They are not too expensive and easy to maintain. They are excellent option for cutting the longer grass blades. It is very easy to handle these mowing machines. The recent type of these lawn mowers is the cordless mower that can recharge and then used when required. Visit for further information regarding garden maintenance in Randwick.


Ride-on Lawn Mowers

For larger lawns and gardens these mowers are a great choice. They are like a mini car that is driver driven and is fitted with a comfortable seat and the other driving controls. They can have manual or hydrostatic transmission option. The former is the cheaper version while the latter being mechanical can be really expensive. The work efficiency is greater as compared to the manual mowers; hence it can handle the extended lawns very well. This feature is usually because of the greater torque of the wheels.


Hover mowers

They are fitted with an impeller side that is used to push the air downwards just like it happens in the hovering objects. Due to this air forced down the machine starts hovering over the grass. They are no too heavy so the hovering motion is posible without any interruption. The process is made easier with the addition of the plastic body.


Robotic mower

This is based on the artificial intelligence concept and is inspired the latest technologies. It works without needing any operators. Just a push button thing and the machine would start operating. They are expensive but very practical and easy to handle machines.