Decorate Your Home With Timber Furniture

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Wooden furniture also known as lumber or timber furniture was used in the past and is still in the trend. Timber furniture has a charm and glory of its own. Wooden furniture used to be heavy and the designs were quite elaborate. Many people may think these to be outdated. But timber furniture has come a long way though. The weight and design has changed widely.

All the things are changed keeping with the pace of change in the fashion. Now, timber furniture comes with sleek design and clean lines. The furniture is made to match with modern settings. Timber furniture is no longer outdated or old fashioned. When you are renovating your home, you can easily add wooden furniture, like chest of drawers, to it. You will find many unique designs which are hard to find in other furniture pieces. There are quite a few things to know about timber or wooden furniture.

Drawers, tables, book cases, bed frames, entertainment units and coffee tables can be made of wood. These not only look great, but also are enduring. Some interior furniture is made of hardwood for the kind of stress and traffic it has to bear. Wall framing, cabinets, solid wood desks, doors and wooden flooring is made of hardwood such as teak, rosewood, cherry, maple, oak, walnut and mahogany. Softwood, like fir, hemlock, redwood, pine, cedar and spruce, are used for making furniture pieces, like plywood, frames, interior trim and veneer.

Hardwood and softwood:

These two terms may be quite well known though not the concept. These two are the main types of timber used for furniture making but these do not necessarily refer to the solidity of the wood. The two terms refer to the leaves of the tree from which the wood is obtained. The trees which bear wide leaves are classified as hard wood and trees bearing cones are considered to be softwood. Hardwood can definitely bear more stress than softwood. Because of this quality hardwood is used in the outside furniture while softwood is used for interior furniture. So, while you decide to buy wooden furniture for your home, first decide for which part of your home you need to buy the products. This will decide which type of wood you are going to need.

When you finally decide to buy timber furniture, be ready to maintain and clean it properly. Soft and clean clothes are best for cleaning wooden furniture. To avoid any scratches never pull slide the wooden furniture. If soap and water is needed, ensure that you use mild soap and water.