Keeping in touch with friends is very important. They are the people who you call second home. The ones who shared your sorrow, happiness and fun times. Often we get busy after graduation, have a life of our own and it just goes on but what we don’t realize is how important relationships are and how we should try our best to hold on and reminisce moments. Keeping in contact through messaging and phone call by itself good but meeting face to face brings about lots of memories.

Organizing a get together is not an easy task, you have to first agree on a date and time where you and your friends are free, think about the location, book a catering services, if you are planning to do it in a ground you need to bring down chairs and for this you have to contact people who have louis dining chair and tables.Once you have decided on a date and time next thing is to think about is location. Outdoor parties are fun, if it’s possible try to book an open space, this gives you the liberty to arrange the place the way you want with the fresh air surrounding you.

Plan the budget, how much each are going to fund in this activity and assign few people with different tasks, for example few people with the responsibility of deciding on the menu, few for planning activities and few for collecting the funds and few with décor duty.When thinking of the menu you can contact a caterer and place your order, or even better is to have a potluck, this way each can make their own food and could be shared.

You can hang up balloons and light the place up with fairy lights. Since it’s an open space tables and chairs have to be placed too. You can order a huge table depending on the guests and chairs; you can arrange authentic throne chairs for sale around the table.To make the event fun you can bring a DJ to play music in the background and to make it even more exciting you can organize games like truth or dare, musical chairs or have a karaoke, or get together and dance or just enjoy yourselves chatting away.To make it a little different you can even organize a barbeque party, grill meat together and chit chat this will be amazing too but whatever ideas you choose just remember to have fun.